Sleep and Your Teeth
29 Sep, 2019 | by admin

Your sleep habits can affect the condition of your teeth and gums. Here’s how.

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Strong Enamel: Bright Smile
29 Sep, 2019 | by admin

How to avoid the erosion of the enamel that protects the sensitive layers of your teeth.

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Energy Drinks: An Acid Trip For Your Teeth
01 Sep, 2019 | by admin

Think substituting an energy drink for a soda or sports drink is a better choice? Think again.

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Why Sugar Isn't the Cause of Tooth Decay
22 Aug, 2019 | by admin

Does sugar cause dental cavities? Not exactly. Discover the almost invisible culprit.

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How Mouth Health Can Affect Whole Body Health
27 Jul, 2019 | by admin

Is your mouth causing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer or even depression?

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How to Chew Your Food
17 Jul, 2019 | by admin

Digestion begins in our mouth, not our stomach. Are you chewing your food properly?

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Surprising Facts About Your Tongue
23 Jun, 2019 | by admin

Your regular dental checkup includes a thorough examination of your tongue. Here’s why.

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Treating Gum Recession With Grafting
13 Jun, 2019 | by admin

Grafting may be necessary to protect your teeth and reduce your temperature sensitivity.

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Ox Hooves, Crushed Rocks and Eggshells
25 May, 2019 | by admin

What do pumice rock, charcoal, bark and burnt bread have in common? 

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 The Importance of Dental X-rays
15 May, 2019 | by admin

Dental X-rays may seem like an extra expense, but they are as important as regular teeth cleanings.

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Is It Plaque and Tartar?
27 Apr, 2019 | by admin

The terms plaque and tartar are often used interchangeably.

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Root Canal Or Implant?
17 Apr, 2019 | by admin

The decision to choose a root canal or a dental implant is complex one. Here are some things to consider.

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Pros and Cons of Mouthwash
23 Mar, 2019 | by admin

Like most things, using mouthwash can have pros and cons. With so many different rinses available, which one is right for you?

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Pink In the Sink
13 Mar, 2019 | by admin

Do you notice a little ‘pink in the sink’ after brushing your teeth? It might not be serious. But it might be.So careful.

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Frequently Asked Dental Questions
28 Feb, 2019 | by admin

Is it time to rethink your toothpaste choice? Consider these guidelines.

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Decoding the Language of Dentists
13 Feb, 2019 | by admin

We try to use plan language in our patient explanations. But sometimes we fail.

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What’s Involved In an Oral Exam?
30 Jan, 2019 | by admin

During a routine office visit, there’s a lot going on!

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Four Types of Teeth
16 Jan, 2019 | by admin

Do you know the differences ?

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5 Myths About Teeth Whitening
02 Jan, 2019 | by admin

Here's how you can smile brighter in 2019.

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Dry Mouth While You Sleep? Here’s How to Stop It
29 Dec, 2018 | by admin

If you wake up with your mouth feeling like sand paper, here's how you can stop it.

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